Recipe For Passover: How To Make Matzo Brei

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The Jewish holiday of Passover is celebrated in early spring, in the month of April. This year, Passover 2020 began in the evening of Wednesday, April 8 and ends in the evening of Thursday, April 16.

It is a time to remember the emancipation of the Israelitesfrom slavery in ancient Egypt. To commemorate the unleavened bread that the Israelites ate when they left Egypt, leavened grain is not eaten during the holiday.

No bread, cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. Unless of course it is Kosher and "Passover" friendly. One of the best Passover treats is "Matzo(h) Brei," which I like to call the "Passover Pancake." It's one of the easiest recipes in the book...

What You Need:

A box of Manischewitz Matzo (any brand will do)

4-5 eggs




What To Do:

  1. Wet about 4-5 Matzohs under water until it is soaked through and can break.
  2. Mush the matzoh into one bowl.
  3. Add eggs and as much sugar as you like.
  4. Mix well.
  5. On med-high heat, melt one surface of butter on a pan.
  6. Dip about two-three tablespoons full of the matzoh mix onto the pan into a pancake shape.
  7. Allow to cook through, but place on plate before the motzah becomes too dry. 

When serving, add syrup and sugar.


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