Box Office: "Toy Story" Earns $238 Million Worldwide

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Walt Disney & Pixar's “Toy Story 4” took #1 at the box office in U.S. theaters and worldwide. 

Globally, the final installment of the Toy Story franchise earned $238,000,000.

According to COMSCORE, the latest installment earned $120.0 million in 37 international territories this weekend and when combined with the North American debut brought in $238.00 million worldwide thus pushing the franchise over the $2 billion mark worldwide. 

Sitting at #2 was "Aladdin" followed by the "Men In Black" sequel in the third spot.

The top 3 worldwide weekend box office estimates:

1. Toy Story 4 - Disney - $238.0M
2. Aladdin - Disney - $45.1M
3. Men In Black International - Sony - $41.0M

The top 3 domestic weekend box office estimates:

1. Toy Story 4 - Disney - $118.0M
2. Child's Play - United Artists Releasing - $14.1M
3. Aladdin - Disney - $12.2M

Rankings by COMSCORE:

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