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Garden Spotlight: Kickstarter Campaign For BINGARDEN

'Master of Disguise' Inventor, Nick Staley (42) said: "We are on a mission to hide ugly wheelie bins & store smelly garbage cans with flowers, herbs, fruits, plants & veggies all over the world!

My Garden: Plants Perfect For Preserving Water

Now that the city of Los Angeles have asked us to rethink our garden in order to help preserve water, let's discover the many species of succulents that are popular as ornamental plants...

Monrovia Gives 10 Tips For Picking Out Plants

Spring is here and it's time to brighten up your garden with some variegated plants.

Bellagio Las Vegas Celebrates Japanese Gardens

Bellagio's Conservatory & Botanical Gardens invites guests on a peaceful journey through the island nation's rich culture with its first Japanese-inspired display.